Monique Lopez-Flores – Costa Rica: “A Month and a Day”

I cannot believe I have been here for a month and a day already! It’s so crazy how much has passed and how I’m starting to get the hang of things. This past week I was able to enjoy the wonderful farmer’s market fruit, and I finally found passion fruit! It is just as delicious as I remember eating it when I was younger.

This Sabbath I actually had an amazing experience going to a church member’s house, and hearing the testimony of following Christ, and hearing the story of her husband, who turns out to be one of the 7 founders of Monteverde! He will be turning 97 in November and it was so cool hearing about how he and the seven other members made a whole journey from the United States into Costa Rica and created the small community that is Monteverde today! He told us all about the different things that Quakers had to go through during the time, and how he lived through World War II, it was absolutely amazing, hearing from someone who actually experienced the era that felt like it was so long ago, it was so much better than reading it from a history book! I felt like I had really been blessed with such an amazing experience. Their house had also been such an amazing garden, it was like it had come out of a painting—that’s how amazing and beautiful it was.

I also got to take a nice walk with my roommate from their house back to the school, and I found the entrance to the Children’s Rain Forest and a waterfall, which is something on my bucket list to go visit some time! So far, I have been getting accustomed to the rain, to the point that if I’m soaking wet, it’s just another normal day for me.

Yesterday I had a wonderful experience with being able to put my whole day into God’s hands, and I ended the day really blessed, and felt so at peace with knowing that God was taking really good care of me and my students.

Today, it went well too! I got my kids to really work out for Physical Education. By the end of it, they were so sweaty I had hoped their energy would have lessened so I could be able to teach them without them being so hyper. Boy, was I wrong! They were so energetic; they took my energy as well!

These kids are absolutely amazing though. They make me laugh at all the smallest things that they do or say. I have even started to bond with some of them, and I can’t wait to be able to share the Gospel on a more personal level with them.

But just as there are the ups, there are downs too. Currently, my roommate and I have been struggling with figuring out how to approach the more mischievous kids, and how we can start to implement Christian morals for them. We decided for now, that we are going to write a list of the kids that we are struggling the most with, and every few days a week, we will bring our lists together and pray for them.

So, I want to ask you guys too, that whenever you have time, please pray for our kids, so that through us, God can reach them.

Monique Lopez-Flores is a student missionary from Walla Walla University. She is teaching English at a school in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

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