Cameron Reel – Ebeye, Marshall Islands: “A Day in the Life of Me in Ebeye”

Hello from Ebeye!

Now that I am in the full swing of teaching and being a student missionary (seeing as I have been here almost 2 months), I have decided to tell you today basically a ‘Day in the Life of me in Ebeye.’ I thought it was would be very interesting for you to see a glimpse of what I go through every day.

6:00 am — Wake up (or usually hit the snooze for another 30 minutes)

6:30 am – Finally get out of bed, have devotions, and take a shower. Our showers are always very cold (no hot water), but it can be good sometimes. Cold water helps me wake up.

7:00 am – Grab a bite to eat. My breakfast usually consists of a packet of pre-made oatmeal, pancakes, toast, an egg, or anything else simple to make early in the morning. Sometimes the guys I live with and I all pitch in a buy a pack of cinnamon rolls (homemade). We eat those for breakfast too. We don’t eat a ton of fruit on this island because it can be pretty expensive because most of the fruit is imported in from somewhere else.

7:30 am – Staff worship at the school. We always start worship with a song. Our principal always picks someone at random to lead in the song for worship so I always come to worship with a song in my mind in case he picks me. It kinda puts a whole need meaning to that Pathfinder Law: “I will keep a song in my heart.” After one song, one of the staff leads in a short devotional and then our principal gives the announcements for the day. Sometimes the announcement is about a meeting right after school so it is always a surprise!

8:00 am – School officially starts. This is when the students should be in the classroom ready to learn. On Monday and Friday, we always have a school-wide assembly on the basketball court by the school. Otherwise, the students just go straight to the classroom. It is a very laid-back lifestyle here in the islands so usually I have quite a few students who come in late.

8:15 am – By 8:15, I have taken attendance, had worship (which usually consists of the kids singing a few songs ((they have beautiful voices, I mean <3)) and then a short talk and someone prays.

8:15-10:00 am – This time is for my morning periods. I usually start with Bible, then go to Math, then go to Spelling.

10:00 – Recess. Now, let me be clear: recess in the islands is not recess in the United States. During recess here, kids just go. Like sometimes they walk home, sometimes they walk to the corner store (there are about 7 stores within a 2 min walking distance of the school) to buy food, or they hang out. The most popular thing to buy is a little to-go box with about a cup of rice in it, a small piece of chicken, and half a hotdog. That costs $1. The kids buy those and eat them before the next section of class. It lasts about 25 min and it is absolute chaos.

10:25 am – 2:00 pm – This is our mid-morning period. On Monday, each section of the school has Chapel during this time but usually, it is just more periods of school. I usually do English, Reading, and Social Studies.

12:00-1:00 pm – This is lunch. I usually dismiss kids early if they are good and I will head down to the office to make copies for next week. We never know when the power is on so I must get copies done whenever I can. We currently don’t have Wi-Fi at the school but the principal is working on that and soon I will be able to work on lesson plans during lunch too. If I’m feeling super tired, I’ll walk or bike home and eat there. It really depends on which side of the island has power during that time.

1:00-2:30 pm – This is the last period of learning for the day. The kids are super hyper usually so it’s hard to teach really intense subjects so we try to focus on art, music, and P.E. These kids absolutely love P.E. It is literally like their favorite thing of the day.

2:30-3:30 pm – So this period is the last period of the day, but we don’t do any school. Instead, this period is set aside for clubs. The teachers teach different clubs every week. Well, actually twice a week my class does pathfinders and the other two days the fifth-grade teacher and I work together to do clubs. Just like a fun-learning thing for the kids. Sometimes we learn to cook, play different sports, play games, do origami, sing, and honestly anything. If you have an idea for a club/hobby activity I could do with the kids during this hour, please let me know! I am all ears!

4:00 pm – At this point I am so tired, so I usually head home. Sometimes I stop by the store for a 25 cent ice-pop. Sometimes I stop by the supermarket for some groceries. Usually I just head home.

4:00-6:00 pm – This is usually chill time. We will grade papers, make homemade iced coffee, take a nap or chill in the apartment (that is if there is power if there is no power we basically just bake in the apartments).

6:00 pm — Everyday is a different day for this time. On Tuesday, the missionaries do a Bible-Sharing meal where we study Ellen White and everyone brings food. On Wednesday, we usually have prayer meeting (there are three locations to go to around the island). But on Friday, we have vespers. So I guess you could count this period as the fellowship period.

7:00-9:00 pm – Seeing as everyone is on Marshallese time here, nothing really starts on time so usually, the fellowship period flows over into this one. We also eat super during this time. Even though I feel like 9 pm is way to late to be eating supper, I still partake because…well, food.

9-10 pm – Finally bedtime!

Well, that was my day. As you can tell, it is jam-packed but I really enjoy it. I like to keep myself busy and being a student missionary definitely keeps me busy.

Cameron Reel is a student missionary from Southern Adventist University serving at Ebeye Seventh-day Adventist School in Ebeye, Marshall Islands, part of Guam- Micronesia Mission of Seventh-day Adventists. You can follow him on Instagram @cameronwreel . 

Photo Credit: Michael Diaz

3 thoughts on “Cameron Reel – Ebeye, Marshall Islands: “A Day in the Life of Me in Ebeye”

  1. Well done Cameron and thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading about your days on Ebeye 😀, getting flashbacks to MY days there back in 1985-86. I know it’s tough, rewarding, challenging, amazing, exhausting and a true blessing 🙏 Good bless you and the entire staff the rest of the school year!

  2. I can relate to your day, I too was on Ebeye and taught 5th grade and 9th grade English. Those were wonderful days. Plant God’s seeds as you never know the trees you will grow! Enjoy and may God bless your work there.

  3. Loved reading your blog!! God has some big plans for you this year, sounds like you are leaning into His word and are going to fo amazing things in His name! Go be awesome today!!!

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