Christian Guana-Jarrin – Cuba: “Leaving a Legacy”

As I look back on the months that have gone by here in Cuba, I thank God for the people that I have met and the things that have been done.  As I shared with you about the Ferrin family, they are preparing for baptism now, and hopefully the Guerrero family also (a young adult couple and their little daughter). Can you please keep them in your prayers?  There are also other friends who are studying and being more engaged in the light of Scripture, praise the Lord (Rosa, Barbaro, Iris, Caridad, Ruben, Yovany, etc.)–as well as others who are coming to “light groups,” which are just social gatherings at homes where we mingle and intentionally seek the light of spirituality (Berta, Dolores, Graciela, Mercedes, etc.).

Knowing that we need to count our days, I realized that April was the time to start leaving a legacy so when I leave this land, a movement of young people will continue to do the work that has been started. This work includes visiting hospitals and befriending people, or impacting the community through deeds of love like giving a hug, doing things for others, or giving things out to those that we see in need.  The young adult leadership has been established, the mission and vision have been determined, the commitment is there, and a spiritual retreat is planned out for May for this army of young people praising the Lord for this ministry!  It is my prayer that they would continue to do the work that has been started, making it more vibrant, passionate, and contagious to other young people who are just waiting for those who lighted themselves up on fire, so others could come from afar not only to watch them burning but also to be part of it!

As we continually search for life every day (under the different systems that govern this world), let us remember who we are: “the light of this world.”  And that by understanding this, we can wholeheartedly believe that everywhere we go, anywhere we live, and no matter what we do or how we see life, there is always a need out there, and we can ALWAYS make a difference right where we are!  All we need to do is watch and listen, because we all have been given eyes that can see and ears that can listen.

I look back on the the time spent here in Cuba, and I thank God for the awesome privilege of starting a fire by following Jesus example, knowing that He did it first and called us to do the same.  Thank you for being part of this mission, especially for your prayers, and for the important part that God has allowed you to play in order to make this Hope4Cuba mission possible.

With warm regards,

Let us be more vibrant, passionate and contagious in our spiritual life (not religious). Let us be the people who can light themselves up on fire so others could come and be part of it, let us be “the light of this world!”


Christian with the young adult leadership in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.


Christian Guana-Jarrin has been serving as a volunteer Evangelist in Cuba from Andrews University through Adventist Volunteer Service since Sept. 2017.

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