Devotional – A Cup in the Ocean

There are some days it just feels like you just can’t catch up with life. You’re working hard, but the to-do list only grows longer. Or you get through the list because you skipped exercising, eating well, sleeping, devotional time, or investing in relationships. Or maybe you really blew it and feel the full weight of your failure. You might re-double your efforts the next day to try harder, or you might just start giving up. You’re tired.

But I want to share something that has changed my perspective lately. It was a little conversation I had with God recently as I was about to fall asleep one night. It went something like this…

Me: “God, I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed.”

God: “My grace is sufficient for you.” [2 Cor. 12:9]

Me: “I know it is supposed to be enough, but for some reason I’m not feeling it. What am I missing? Maybe it’s the way I see your grace. When I think of your grace being enough for me, I think it’s like a cup that’s filled up with water. The cup is full—so that should be enough, right?”

God: “When I say my grace is enough, I mean more than enough.”

Me: “Ok. So…not just a cup full of water, but like a cup under water? Like, maybe in a swimming pool? I like that. That’s a lot of grace!”

God: “Yeah, kind of like that. But it’s more like a cup in the ocean.”

Wow…I am a cup in the ocean of God’s grace! Beyond filled, beyond overflowing—I am totally surrounded by it, living in the middle of His grace. I can never escape or exhaust it. All I can do is surrender to it, and let His grace change me as my love and worship for Him grows. It’s ok if I don’t get everything right, if my day doesn’t go as planned. It’s ok that I still struggle, and even if I totally fail. My one job is to just keep running back to Jesus, opening myself up to that never-ending grace, and trusting Him to complete the work He has started in me—the work of becoming more like Jesus, and passing on that grace to everyone around me. Because they need to know that they, too, are cups in the ocean of God’s grace.

Praise God, His grace is more than enough for all of us!

*Special thank you to Jamison Logan (Student Missionary in Majuro, Marshall Islands from Walla Walla University) for helping to illustrate this devotional with these photos. You can follow him on Instagram @jamison.logan .

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