God Feeds the People of Naikara

On March 13 – 27, 2017, a group from Upper-Columbia Academy served on a short-term mission trip with the Maasai Development Project in Nairobi, Kenya. Dean Kravig, the music director at UCA, shares the following miraculous story from that trip.

Tuesday, March 21 was our 2nd Day of Medical & Dental Clinics in Naikara. We had decided to hold off on the distribution of food until day 2, but we planned on feeding about 200 families, and put in the necessary amounts of Maize, Rice and Green Gram into the trucks – over a ton of food.

When our team arrived in Naikara we immediately saw that there was already more of a crowd than we had anticipated. Jan Latsha, Director of Maasai Development Project, circled the group up for the prayer time before clinic opened, and she specifically prayed for God to stretch the food to feed everyone who needed to be fed that day.

Food in truck bay is quite easy to see.

In the late morning two of the students went to the safari trucks to find the balls for the children’s activities, but couldn’t find them. However, they did find that the bays of the trucks were all empty. About 2:00 p.m., the students distributing food from the truck told Pastor Steven, one of the MPD Lay Pastors, that they were on their last gunny sacks of Maize and Rice.

Pastor Steven was told that the trucks were both empty, but he checked them anyways, and brought back two gunny sacks of each – these would have been impossible for the students to miss in the truck bays, but here they were!

When the clinics closed at 3:00, the food distribution moved indoors, and the food was running low within a few minutes. The Lay Pastors returned to the trucks, and in the same bay that they had just emptied they found 9 ½ more sacks of food and brought those in.

Over the next hour or so, people went out four or five more times, and they always found food in previously “empty” bays, and brought it in to keep distributing to the people.

In all, God provided seven extra Gunny Sacks of Rice, seven Sacks of Grahm, and seven of Maize – 777. Roughly 3,000 lbs. of food was placed into the truck bays, to provide for the needs of the Maasai. Instead of feeding only 200 families, God fed 475 families, and there was food left over. Not 12 baskets as when Jesus fed the 5,000, but 12 of the 1kg bags of Green Gram. God clearly took the feeding of the people of Naikara into His own hands, and UCA students
were just channels of blessing.

Several adults were skeptical at first, so they went and checked the bays to be SURE they were empty. Even after the parents had checked the bays, God kept providing food as if to say, “Oh ye of little faith, why do you doubt?”

By the end of the afternoon, everyone was in tears, and some were on the floor crying uncontrollably, as they realized what God had just done. As the afternoon ended, the group formed a circle, prayed a prayer of thanks to God, and sang “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow” like they had never sung it before.

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