Devotional – Is Jesus Really That Big?

As I was about to turn off the lights in my room and close another day in an uncertain world, I glanced at the calendar on my wall. It’s kind of funny to me that people are still even making wall calendars after the invention of smart phones. They are pretty much just wall art, and honestly, that’s probably why I still have one on my wall. (Plus it was free from a ministry organization.)

January’s picture fascinates me. It depicts two huge, nearly invisible hands surrounding the Milky Way Galaxy. God’s hands.

My mind jumped back in time to a second-grade-teaching memory from seven years ago that hasn’t quite faded yet. It was during worship or Bible class one muggy morning in Yap when I noticed a few of the boys whispering energetically, their eyes wide, their imaginations clearly in high gear. Soon, the buzz made it around to some of the other students, and finally, the question burst out into the classroom:

“Teacher! Is Jesus really that big?!” They pointed to a poster hanging just above the chalkboard that they’d somehow just noticed.
the-whole-world-in-his-hands-jesus-10952959-294-360I found myself caught between giving an adult explanation and protecting their childish wonder. An adult finds the symbolism in this picture, but often takes it for granted. When kids see this picture, however, they see a Jesus who is literally bigger than Earth. Their hearts expand, their eyes widen, their smiles grow. They laugh and imagine and talk about Him in worshipful wonder.

I couldn’t take that away from them because something changes when you realize God is truly bigger than your world, bigger than the Milky Way, and yet you know He sees you, knows you, and loves you deeply. I don’t think I can explain that any better than those 2nd graders, but I hope it changes your perspective the way it’s changed mine.

Today, may the problems and fears of this world grow smaller as our vision of Jesus grows larger.

“Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ is a child of God…Every child of God defeats this evil world by trusting Christ to give the victory.” – 1 John 5:1,4 (NLT)

Once or twice a month, we send out a short devotional to our volunteers.  This was written by Andrea Keele, and was sent to our volunteers on Jan. 24, 2017.

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