Krista Bonney – Peru: “Dear Mum”

Dear Mum,

I have arrived and am alive so far…But I’ll will admit to brushing my teeth with tap water and drinking fresco, a fruit drink that some church members made with unknown ingredients. I like living on the edge of new experiences and certain digestive doom. Not to be dramatic…I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that previous visits have built up my immunity and that my antibodies are in working order.

There is so much to learn here, primarily how to speak Spanish since that is the first obvious barrier to being able to learn anything else. Lo ciento, no entiendo. Nesecito practicar mi español…This is a huge focus of mine since there is so much I want to do. The first Sabbath here there was a baptism and it happened to be a kid I’ve known here for the past two years, Frank. Pastor David was calling on people to pray daily and to study the Bible with the new members and he “asked” me to do that for Frank. When I say “asked” I mean that he called me up in front of the church along with the other people chosen to study with the other kids. I didn’t really know what I was being called for at the time and had so be informed later. Surprise! But I am really excited for this opportunity and a bit nervous. My friend Kyle, a fellow SM, is going to help me since he knows much more Spanish than I do.

We have already been holding clinics which is a lot of fun. I have helped clean wounds and give shots. I just got to drive to and from the market which was awesome. Traffic is crazy but at the same time everyone is used to people driving anywhere so they are all more aware. I totally stalled but it wasn’t in the main road or anything…Going slow is what is hard with that haha.

Well, I need to go study my Spanish.

Lots of love always,



*Krista Bonney is a student missionary from Southern Adventist University, serving in Peru with AMOR Projectsthrough the Office of Volunteer Ministries and Adventist Volunteer Service. This was originally posted on her blog on Sept. 7, and is used with permission.

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