Urgent Need for Teachers!

Summer is here, and students around the world are celebrating a few months break. But several mission schools and their students are already praying for volunteer teachers for next school year. Maybe they’re praying for you, maybe for someone else, but please pray with them for their schools below…

  • Nile Union Academy, Egypt – 9 positions open
  • Ebeye SDA School, Marshall Islands – 18
  • Laura SDA School, Marshall Islands – 4
  • Delap SDA School, Majuro, Marshall Islands – 17
  • Chuuk SDA School, Micronesia – 15
  • Kosrae SDA School, Micronesia – 2
  • Pohnpei SDA School, Micronesia – 12
  • Yap SDA School, Micronesia – 9
  • Palau Mission Academy & Elementary – 16
  • Saipan SDA School – 4
  • Guam SDA School – 5

To find the service requests for these locations, search the calls listed on Adventist Volunteer Service.

To find information on who is eligible to apply and how the application process works, visit http://hesaidgo.org/#/long-term-mission/apply.

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