Renee Vaughn-Beaulieu – Poland: “Transitions”

I’ve got transitions on my mind. It seems that change and transitions are good beginning to become a norm for me in the next few years. I used to hate change and not having control of certain situations, but over the year I have learned much about going with the flow and letting God handle the details.

As I walked home from my school the other day, I noticed that the landscape around me was transforming. When I first came to Poland, many of the resturants had outdoor seating set up. Before long, it was all taken away. Currently the outdoor structures are bring reassembled. Things are becoming ad they were when I first got here, yet few things have stayed the same. For this I am grateful. At the same time it is a physical sign that my time in Poland is nearing its end. Bittersweet.

In addition the nature around me has been changing. Though we still have our rainy days, the weather has become a lot warmer. Almost all of the trees have gotten their spring blooms, and many of them have begun their transformation into leaves.

Home is awaiting with open arms, but I know getting back to my “normal” life will be a transition. I know that I have changed quite a bit over this last year and I feel that going back home will put into perspective just how much I have changed. This readjustment into my regular life will be an adventure in itself. I will try and continue to blog about that adventure as well. After the summer, it will be off to one more year back at PUC [Pacific Union College]. Getting used to my school once again will be a sort of transition, as many of my friends will have actually transitioned on to the next stage of their lives. I am beyond grateful for the ones who will be finishing up the year with me. Though I don’t know the exact date, I have learned that my home church pastor will be moving across the country. He is still considered the pastor of my church and will be there when I return, but it is yet another transition I will be facing.

Change and transitions can often scare us. Especially those of us who like to know what is going on and to have our lives totally together. When there is change and when we must transition we take a step into the unknown. Well this year contained a whole lot of that for me. I have learned that change and transitions, though challenging, can also be a lot of fun. Getting stuck in living a certain way for a long amount of time can get quite boring. When we face changes and transitions we can look at them as an extra opportunity to turn our eyes to God. He is the thing we can count on in life to be consistent.

*Renee Vaughn-Beaulieu is a student missionary from Pacific Union College, serving as an ESL and Bible Teacher in Poland, through the Office of Volunteer Ministries and Adventist Volunteer Service. This was originally posted on her blog, and is used with permission.

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