Hazel Alvarenga – Yap, Micronesia: “I See God in My Students”

Dyedrick: Continually shows me love. He tells me daily that he loves me. I love that no matter what discipline I give him, he loves

JB: JB constantly tries his best and gives me all of his attention when we work together.Yap 1st graders

Kimberly: She is my student who no matter what is happy! She is smiling and laughing.

Denzil: He is the student that tests me as a teacher and has helped me to grow so much!

Martin: Even though he knows all the answers and can rush through any worksheet, he takes his time.

Ernesto & Eddie: I have the privilege of seeing them at school, church and sometimes their homes. They accept me into their family.

Aiden: He always asks/care’s about my well being, even when just a piece of chalk or eraser falls.. he asks “Are you OK teacher?”

Tonia: She gives me the biggest smile, energetic handshake and “Good morning Ms. Alvarenga” everyday.  Her energy never fades.

Junary: He is kind and always willing to help me. He readily does any task I ask of him with a smile.

Mia: If I make a mistake, she will correct me! She can repeat anything back to me but even still she loves me despite my flaws.

*Hazel Alvarenga is a student missionary from Walla Walla University (through Adventist Volunteer Service) serving as a 1st grade teacher on the island of Yap, in the Federated States of Micronesia. 

Yap 1st graders

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