A Journey of Faith

Around this time last year, what started off as an inquiry became a reality! I applied for a position online in China, and within three hours of submitting my resume, I received a reply from Singapore (the corporate office) requesting to schedule an interview. Then two weeks later had an interview via Skype for an hour.

I asked God where He wanted me to be for the following year and what He wanted me to do, and I left my entire list of things I wanted to do in His hands. I patiently waited for two months to hear His answer. On February 26th, I received an official offer to work overseas with all amenities included.

I know I am exactly where God wants me to be and there is no better feeling than to know that you are in God’s will! Remember, what God has for you will alwaysStephania Guthrie be best for you, and He will make room for you to receive it! I just want to publicly thank God for all He has done for me and given me this year.

In no way was this journey easy, but it has been worth every minute to know that He hears and answers prayers (sometimes you have to fight for your blessing just like Jacob did in Genesis 32:22-31). I mean, to see my prayers become a reality when it first started off as just an inquiry. And to see my faith in Christ grow because of mere belief in His power and not my own is simply amazing!

I left out one significant detail: I took a leap of faith a year and a half before and left a job where I was unhappy, unappreciated, overworked, underpaid, and the list goes on—but I stayed faithful to God throughout this experience. I left because that is what God was telling me to do. Weird, huh? But God at times makes no sense to us. But it’s not about Him making sense to us and understanding the situation; it’s just about us trusting His will above our own. Sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone to get our blessing!

I have learned so much just by living my life free in Christ! He has taught me patience, faith, love…did I mention faith? (Lol) He has given me wisdom, understanding, and discernment in so many areas of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. I place everything before His feet because I just can’t imagine living my life without Him! I can’t wait to see what He has for me in 2015 as I lay all of my plans at His feet!

So I challenge you to just trust God in every aspect of your life! Yes, life is full of uncertainties, disappointments, and failures. But although things may seem out of control at times in your little life, why not trust the One who is in full control of everything? Whatever you are struggling with, ask God to show you Himself and build up your faith in Him to trust Him despite the circumstances! Because just like He did for me, He can and will take you beyond where your little mind can comprehend. But the question is: are you willing to go wherever He leads?

Stephanie GuthrieBy Stephania Guthrie

Stephania is currently serving as a volunteer teacher in China through Office of Volunteer Ministries and Adventist Volunteer Service.

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