Judy Shaner – Hawaii

Mea* is a fourth grader in my classroom.  She has the reputation of encouragement and kindness toward others.  I recently had a respiratory infection. Every morning she would look up at me with her sweet, beautiful little brown face and ask if I felt better yet.

One recess the boys were playing catch with a soft ball.  They had pretty good power behind their pitch.  One boy missed and the ball hit Mea directly on her right eye.  She was in so much pain and her eye was swollen to a great degree.  I grabbed ice from the fridge and hurried her to the office so her parents could be called.  I was so worried that she would have permanent injury to her eye.  I prayed and I prayed for faith.  I finally prayed that she would be able to be back to school the next day.  I prayed that her eye would not be injured or swollen.  My faith was not what it should have been.

The next morning she was back at school with not a sign on her face or eye of any accident.  She did not even have a black eye.  I hurried her to everyone who had observed her injured eye and had the privilege of praising God for another important answer to prayer.

*Name has been changed.

This was written and shared by Judy Shaner, a volunteer elementary teacher in Hawaii through NAD Office of Volunteer Ministries and Adventist Volunteer Service.

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