Lily, an Unlikely Angel (Taiwan)

I was invited to a prayer session at the Munsey’s home. I did not have a ride and I did not know how to get to their home. I received an email from Lesley who said she’d take me.  I thought Lesley was driving because the first time I went to the Munsey’s house I rode in someone’s car. It is dark with lots of bushes. The road is very narrow, and you need light, a long stick, and a machete.  I have been told snakes live on those unpaved roads at time because it is so cool.  Snakes love the cool,  especially after a hot day.

Lesley arrived and she was walking. I had just taken a bath and was feeling very relaxed, thinking that I was going in a car. Well, I wasn’t–Lesley and I were walking.  I told Lesley that I had on the wrong pair of shoes. I had no light, no stick, and it was just us two. When the road started to get narrow we were walking on gravel. The trees started to get closer to us as we walked. Lesley pulled out her phone and used it as a light. I started praying and talking very loudly, because Lesley said there were too many snakes on this road.

My heart was dropping because I do not walk after 6:00 p.m. at night on dark, lonely, unpaved roads with trees brushing up on me. You see, there are too many bamboo green snakes and they are poisonous.  I was confessing my sins, praying for guidance, asking God to send help, asking God to protect us from snakes, and asking God to remove the snakes out of our way before we came upon them.

The next thing I knew, a black dog came up to us. I did not know the dog’s name at the time, but I heard Lesley say “Lily.” Lily walked around me and started to stay close to me. She would walk ahead a little ways, and turn back to make sure that I was safe. Bible verses started to come to my mind:

“He will give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.” Psalm 91:11.  Lily, an unlikely angel

“The angel of the Lord encamps around thee.” Psalm 34:7

When I got to the house where prayer was to be offered, Lily started walking up the stairs, and Lesley told the dog she could not go any further. I told her that I am not going to tell the dog “no” or to go back. I was very appreciative of the dog’s protection and guidance.  Lily went upstairs to the top of the steps, sat down, and raised her paw to me. I was so humbled and touched that I shook the dog’s paw. Wow!  I could not remember shaking a dog’s paw like that, and I gave God thanks for sending Lily.

I went inside the Munsey’s home praising God for His protection and guidance. When it was time to go, I asked a couple for a ride home. Lily was outside waiting for me. I told Lily that I appreciated her help, but that I was taking a ride in someone’s car. Lily followed us to the end of the road and turned back as we drove on home.

*This story was written by a volunteer currently serving in Taiwan.  It is shared with her permission.

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