Timothy Giang – Cambodia

I’ve become aware I tend to write about how nice and enjoyable life is over here.  However, I must do this blog some justice and express some of the hard times.

  • Last Thursday, I made a student cry. It was the first time this has happened.  Watching her cry, I was extremely tempted to apologize and Timothy Giang - Cambodiatell her “No, no don’t worry. It’s okay to kick people.”   I didn’t want to discipline her but what child/student actually believes that.  Future warning: I’m going to be the biggest pushover of a parent.
  • Mosquitoes: I’ve done some mental math and have calculated that by the time I leave here, I will have endured over 3,000 bites from various insects. Three times in the last week I have woken up in the middle of the night because mysterious insects were biting my body! The positive:  I never am lonely right?
  • Biking to vespers last week, I saw something that has been ingrained in my head these last few days.  As I was crossing the intersection, I saw out of the corner of my eye a group of people surrounding a young man.  His body was lifeless lying in the middle of the road.  He had clearly been in a motorcycle accident and hadn’t been wearing a helmet.   I know these things happen daily but this was the first time I had witnessed something like this..

Timothy Giang - Cambodia

These frustrating and even saddening events combined with the frequent times I miss everyone back home combined with the times I ask myself “What am I doing here” makes for some tough times. Most nights I dream about being home enjoying life.  It’s weird but I can’t tell you how happy and thankful I am to wake up and realize I’m still in Cambodia (except for the times when I wake up cause of mosquitoes… those times I’m not real happy or thankful).

*This was originally posted on Timothy Giang’s blog on Dec.15, 2013, entitled, “Mini Vent.”  Timothy returned in May 2014 from serving as an ESL Teacher for almost 10 months at Cambodia Adventist School in Cambodia.  This has been re-posted with his permission.
Timothy Giang - Cambodia

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