Elliott Berger – Banepa, Nepal

Blisters and Cliffs

Thursday, March 13, 2014


We’ve just returned from a trip to beautiful Huwas (in western Nepal) to meet up with a group visiting from Sunnydale Academy. Our travel time to Huwas was 25 hours. At one point, I remember stepping off the bus in some town at 3:30am, deciding the people keeping warm next to the burning tire would not rob me, deciding that I was going to be more tired and cold than care about the exciting things the tire was doing to my body, and deciding to fall asleep on the corner. It was my best sleep on the whole trip.

Traveling in the Huwas valley requires two things: superior upper-body strength, and a lack of concern for your life. You see, we traveled the “roads” in the Huwas valley every afternoon and night to run meetings in some of the more remote villages… but they weren’t roads. They were really more like potholes with some dirt sprinkled on the side, with 2,500ft drop-offs.Naturally, the Bolero is the vehicle of choice… aside from walking five hours uphill (which I almost opted for a few times). It’s probably not as bad as I make it sound, but then it rained… and I will never be able to describe the sketch-factor of that. Andrew and I would ride in the back and would get absolutely thrown around. Occasionally we’d stop and pick people up to take them home, at one point we had 26 drunk Nepali boys on the back and top of the vehicle with us. After we dropped Andrew and his crew off at their village we would continue up the scariest part to ours. On our way home and to dinner, we would cling to the back railing in the freezing cold and watch the infinite stars. I have a few blisters and bruises to prove the journey.

On our way home, we caught a ride to Pokhara where we tried to snag a microbus home. I got a little frustrated, then amused when I asked one of the bus boys when we’d arrive in Kathmandu. He told us we would get in at 5:00 to 5:30pm (which could have been possible), but then I listened as he told everyone else in Nepali “6:30 to 7:00pm.” We arrived at 7:33pm, which was actually a really fast trip.






Sending Organization: Walla Walla Student Missions

Mission Location: Scheer Memorial Hospital and Esa Memorial School Banepa, Nepal

Duration: August 22, 2013 – May 18, 2014

Blog: http://nepal-elliott.blogspot.com/


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