Brenan and Bridgette Vega – Pucallpa, Peru

Monkeys, Stitches and VBS

Friday, April 11, 2014
So the beginning of this post goes out to my (Brenan’s) Mom who when she was little, prayed for a monkey every night. Well Mom, we have met many monkeys down here and they are really cheap to buy (about $20). We almost got one, but after researching it further, when they grow up they can become aggressive and bite and be not very good pets. They also always have to wear diapers and can be expensive pets. None-the-less, they were fun to hold and play with for a short time!

Image                       Image

Another cool experience we’ve had this week is that Bridgette got to do her first stitch! A little 7 year old girl fell and cut her chin open and came to us. Bernice, Brooke, Bridgette, and Stephanie helped to stitch her back up. She was so brave and didn’t cry at all! She even fell asleep during the stitching (after some Lidocaine)!




Lastly, this week we started doing a type of VBS service at a local Seventh-day Adventist school. It’s from grades K-6. We started teaching them a couple songs in english and have been going over the story of Jesus. Today, Bridgette was John the Baptist for our little skit and she did amazing! Afterwords, all the kids swarmed us and asked for all of our autographs!



Sending Organization: Office of Volunteer Ministries

Position: Nurses/Medical Workers

Mission Organization: Amor Project (

Duration: March, 3 2014 – November 3, 2014


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