Melissa Rodas – Thailand

When I arrived in Thailand, I set three personal goals for myself.

  1. Change the classroom decorations from the previous missionary.
  2. Learn Thai at a conversational level.
  3. Study the Bible with one of my students.

Number 1 and 2 were more easily accomplished, even though I am still working on my Thai. Number 3 has been the one I have been praying for the most. It is hard to find someone interested in studying the Bible because Buddhism is such a part of the culture here. People are open to listen to it, but it seems to be more out of politeness than interest.

The other day though, my prayer was finally answered. My student and good friend, Pap, had a great idea to cook Thai food and have worship. I loved her idea. We made a yummy Thai dessert from pandan, rose, and coconut milk. We also made pad see ew and fried rice.

We shared our favorite Bible verses and explained why it was meaningful to us. She asked us to share more, and I was more than happy to oblige. This girl is incredible – her faith in God inspires me, and I am praying that her relationship with Jesus will only grow. I hope we can continue to study together, not just because I am a “missionary” and I am supposed to do this, but because honestly – it was a lot of fun.

Sending Organization: Southern Adventist University

Position: ESL Teacher

Mission Organization: Ubon Adventist International Mission School

Blog (Feb. 10, 2014):

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