Alvin Bartholomew – Northern Luzon, Philippines

Since arriving in the Philippines we have seen God using us to bless Students here at NELAC*. In August 2012 shortly after arriving at NELAC I with two others went to a clinic to see a student there. On our arrival we found that she could be released if her bill was paid. The amount called for each of us to split it came to about 1000.00 to 1500.00 PHP each. We paid her bill and took her back to the college. The next morning when checking my wallet I found that the funds I paid against her bill was back in my wallet. This happened twice that I am fully aware of. The other time we helped a young Pastor whose wife had just given birth to their child, the amount paid the hospital that time was 4000.00 PHP, which I paid in full, and again the next morning the money was in my wallet. In both instances, I had receipts for the amount paid, and I had given the cashiers the funds. God saw fit to reimburse us. We cannot out-give God.


Sending Organization: Office of Volunteer Ministries

Position: Food Production Assistant at Northeastern Luzon Adventist College (NELAC)

Mission Organization: Northern Luzon, Philippines

NELAC (Northeastern Luzon Adventist College), Philippines

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