Jessica Wold – India

Jessica Wold

Southern Adventist University


Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital, India


Jagirkaur and Jessica Wold, India)

Yesterday I met a 74-year-old lady. Her name is Jagirkaur,and she’s from the village of Pahuwind. Three years ago, Jagirkaur was working in her shop where she sells kitchenware. While trying to cut something, a piece of glass flew up and got lodged in her left eye. The damage was irreversible and she has no vision in her left eye. Jagirkaur had cataract in her right eye and was only able to see minimal movement when a hand was waved in front of her face. This made it very difficult for Jagirkaur to care for herself because she lives alone. She has no one to help her cook, clean, or get around. Jagikaur has to function without being able to see anything, and I can imagine that would be very dangerous. Now that the cataract surgery has been performed, she has perfect vision in her right eye. Before I left, she was smiling and giving me blessings. It’s stories like these that help me realize why I’m here 🙂 God is truly blessing, and I’m having a blast getting to know these patients. God is good!

*Taken from Jessica’s blog entry, Nov. 14, 2013.

Jagirkaur (Jessica Wold, India)
Jagirkaur & Jessica Wold, India)

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