Devotional: Still Listening

A lot of spiritual and biblical wisdom is packed in two words: Be still.  Even if we have to keep moving, we can ask God to show up in the middle of whatever we are doing and help our hearts to be still.  In that stillness, we recognize Who God is, and ask Him again to take over.  We need this reminder every day of our lives.

Sometimes when we don’t think we have time for this, God makes time for us.  On one such occasion in the mission-field, I finally heard what He wanted to tell me through His Word.  I am sharing this with you, but still encourage you to ask Jesus for yourself what He wants to tell you.  He knows more than anyone else exactly what you need to hear right now.

Ephesians 6:10-18

You are tired, but here’s what you need to know at the end of the day: Be strong in MY power. I have given you armor, tools to help you stand firm against Satan’s attacks and tricks. Use them! Remember, you are not really fighting against the people and situations you see. There is a whole different dimension—powers of darkness—who are fighting against you because you are on My side. So yes, you will need every piece of My armor to resist and conquer the enemy. If you use my strength and armor, you will still be standing after the battle.

STAND YOUR GROUND. Put on the Belt of Truth—those things you know about Me, about you, about why you came to this place in the first place, and the bigger picture of Heaven as your goal. Walk with the assurance and readiness that comes from knowing the Good News—the story about Me, and My plan to save My children who I love so much. This is the path I have for you—to live out this story and message of hope wherever I send those two feet of yours.

You need to know that Satan has some fiery arrows that are specifically targeting you—your heart, desires, weaknesses. So have your Shield of Faith ready, and those arrows will be deflected. They cannot make it past a heart fortified in faith in Me, because faith tells you that what you see right now is not as real as what you don’t see. Your faith in My power, love, and presence in these situations will protect you from those arrows.

Protect your mind from confusion, stress, and fear with the Helmet of Salvation. Your head and your heart are the most critical things to protect in any battle—but especially a spiritual one. Don’t let anything enter your mind that will undermine the assurance of your salvation that I have given you. But this isn’t just defensive—this is offensive. You’re going to need Scriptures as your Sword, to hack down deception, discouragement, disillusionment, and anything else Satan might try to use to get you off the battle field. That Sword is sharper than you think. Use it.

By now, you know that your connection with Me through prayer is the key to your surviving and conquering any battle. It gets hard out here on the front lines, but you are NEVER alone. I will send My Holy Spirit to help you pray with power, and you will see the enemy defeated as you stay alert, and persistently pray for yourself, for your fellow workers, and for Christians everywhere. This is crucial. I am your Captain and your Closest Friend. You will not survive the battle without Me, but in Me you will find a Refuge of peace and the security of Home, no matter how violently the battle rages. 


*Twice a month, we send out a short devotional to our volunteers. This devotional was written by Andrea Keele and sent out March 26, 2014.

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