Zachary Gately – Chad

Long term missions changes your perspective on things. It may not be a drastic change, but it could be the change you need to step out in faith. God becomes the friend you depend on. You also get to experience culture, learn what fuels your passion, and what makes you happy! Just go!


Sending Organization: Loma Linda University

Position: Public Health Director

Mission Organization: Béré Adventist Hospital, Chad

Zach Gately - Chad

Zach Gately - Chad


One thought on “Zachary Gately – Chad

  1. Hi honey, just me tonight checking on you.
    Church and potluck today, all very nice. I still teach in the Kindergarten division and love it. Up to date I have 3 students. Tomorrow is Brads 49 birthday dinner sure wish you could be here. He is catching up with you father. Stew and Chris will both be here I started cooking yesterday, I’ve always loved to feed my kids!!
    Hope you well and take care, we love you. Grandma and pa Gately

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