Seth Hill – Philippines

I choose to serve God this year because in my deepest core I felt Him asking me to go. So far it has been one of the hardest, and most marvelous times I have yet to experience in my life time. Each day I learn that God has no limits to what He desires for us to do. I see a new part of myself each day grow a little stronger. We are called to be a part of the spiritual vine and to reach out to others with our branches that bear fruit, to feed others the love and compassion our God has. Just yesterday I returned from a three day journey into the jungles of the high mountains to set up the ground work for a medical mission and church we hope to plant there. When you see so many hungry souls you really begin to understand why God is in the business He is in of offering Salvation. On the way back a middle aged [man] living with no civilization within 4 hours walk, asked us about God, and had said he [hadn’t] heard too much about Him. This is why [missionaries] do what we do, to be a light for God in the dark place.


Sending Organization: Southern Adventist University

Position: Construction Team Member

Mission Organization: Northern Luzon Mission, Philippines


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