Robert Henry – Indonesia

I am a Theology major from Pacific Union College. I will be a senior when I return there next school year. I am just amazed at all the ministry opportunities I have received since I’ve been here. I have preached 5+ times on and off-campus in my first four months here! Through these opportunities, I was able to win my first souls to the Lord. I was asked to speak a day or so in advance for the Friday night vespers, and it would be translated for all the people (of course). My sermon dealt with the topic of our commitment to God in these last days. When I made the appeal at the end for someone to give their heart and life to Jesus, five people responded! This alone was a life changing experience for me, but since then, it has only gotten better. And I am getting even more opportunities to preach and do ministry! Apart from the different preaching and ministry opportunities I’ve been given, I have come to really enjoy my time teaching English in the classroom. This is a University, so most of the students are around my age (I am 23 years old). This has been kind of nice because I am able to talk and interact with them in a more relatable way than I could with people of other age groups. It has also been fun trying to learn the Indonesian language as well. I can whole-heartedly say I am enjoying my experience here in Indonesia! If there is someone out there who is interested in becoming a student missionary, I totally recommend you do it! Of course there will be challenges wherever you go, but those are the moments where we learn to trust God even more!


Sending Organization: Pacific Union College

Position: English and Religion Teacher

Mission Organization: Indonesia Adventist University, Indonesia


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