Daniel Cho – Chad

Through the mission here in Tchad, I’ve been realizing more and more what ministry is all about. Sure it can be about sermons and Bible studies and prayer meetings. But one thing that us Christians forget often is interaction. Jesus, in His ministry, interacted with all different kinds of people. Diseased, proud, rich, poor. Through long term missions, we are able to escape the “bubble” we’re in and really see what the world is like outside of our comfort zone. We can be able to relive and relate to what Jesus and His ministry was like 2000 years ago. We can interact with people who have nothing, with people who have rare and deadly diseases, with people who need to learn about God’s love. Perspective of life truly changes and it’s all a very humbling and growing experience.

Sending Organization: Andrews University

Position: Volunteer at Project 21

Mission Organization: Béré Adventist Hospital, Chad


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