Ariana Cunningham – Peru

Your time as a student missionary is a unique period of life where you are opening your energies, your plans, and your time to God’s leadingThere have been scary times when I was medically in over my head, when people are asking for help which I do not know how to give. There have been touching moments with the children we work with. Times when I had stomach cramps from laughing so hard, along with times I had stomach cramps from yet another round of bad-water-induced sickness. It’s all part of the experience. Someone shared the following words with me, which I have held close in times of discouragement: ‘There are two jobs, those who plant the seeds for the harvest and those who reap them. Each job is equally important. If you do not see the purpose or affect you are making over there, remember that you are planting seeds for someone to reap one day.


Sending Organization: Andrews University

Position: Medical Worker

Mission Organization: AMOR Projects, Peru


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