Kristin Chung – Chad

Ok where to begin! Béré is a WHOLE new world and it’s amazing how the little things I took for granted in the States have become so evident now that I’m here. There’s so much I wish I could say, but I’ll try my best to maintain some control on these entry lengths (: I am now identified under the household of Mathew who helps run the hospital’s laboratory. Mathew has 7 children and the youngest 4 are the cutest little posse ever! My diet has consisted thus far of rice, eggs, beans, potatoes, bread, milk, and a dash of sand in everything. It’s really funny when you’re chewing something soft but constantly have that crunch sound with every bite. Bug spray has become my daily perfume, but I’m still getting eaten alive by the bugs here. Speaking of which. BUGS, BUGS, EVERYWHERE! At night when I walk into my room and turn on my flashlight, the walls come to life with an assortment of crickets, spiders, and ridiculous cockroaches half the size of sausages. It has become an obstacle course for me to roll into my tent without bringing along little hitchhikers! So I‘ve mastered this amazing twirly dance before entering the tent. It works great.

IMG_6908 IMG_7042 IMG_7981 IMG_7529


*Kristin Chung served as a student missionary Hospital Assistant in Chad from Andrews University (through Adventist Volunteer Service). 

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